"How could I imagine ever not having done the mandala week?! Thank you again and endlessly for the profound blessings of the week. I am sure the significance of the work will only make itself known with the years. In fact I thought today that I may never fathom or sound out the depths of the healing that took place and is still taking place. I've been dreaming each night from a different directional realm, with the dream really inhabiting/emanating the texture and quality of the colour/element/field. Even in waking hours (i.e. waking dreaming hours) I find my mind slipping into the oracular sounding out of a person's field, and my own. I've been doing the practice every day and the singing, the singing, the singing. It feels like my voice is only now beginning to find itself, to tune itself. Went swimming this evening with my daughter and it really felt like the water and the overtones were sharing in some secret unspeakable joy. A mutual homecoming to a kind of mutual ecstatic peace."
"Thanks for the most amazing week; wonderful people, wonderful ceremony, lots eye contact and of course... singing. My singing voice really is better. Both my speaking and singing voice have improved. The whole experience is still swirling around in my memory."
"I just performed at a successful concert at the Nicholas Boas evenings, London – the singing felt so easy and I received such positive feedback from a discerning crowd. My voice is transformed after the week. Thank you."
Guy Hayward, singer, Cambridge
"The Healing Voice Week Intensive was once again a wonderful journey and one that was very powerful on many levels and I feel my voice has transformed. Quite a few people also remarked on how loud I was when working ....it's such a transformation for me as usually I whisper for fear of being heard or saying something wrong and feeling guilt as I was always told I was wrong when trying to speak up or defend my self. During the Mandala I felt like I had been let out and I was able to breath again and be heard. Each time I do this work with you it gets more and more magical. I can't thank you enough for sharing and teaching me and bringing me in touch with the beautiful friends I have made during and after each Mandala workshop."
"What an absolute pleasure, honour, blessing, opening and inspiration you and this week has been!"
"Thank you so much! Blessings to you and the sweet juicy magical mandala! ....and how sweet and serene this one felt. A wonderful group full of compassion for each other...... the embrace of that gentleness allowed some serious strong action! This experience of weaving within the weaving – just felt SO nurturing and special, deeply, deeply touching and really connecting to my female and mother. Layers upon layers upon layers of mother healing."
"Wow what a great week, it was wonderful to have a 'safe and sacred space' to enable me to really start to open up my heart. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that."
"I cannot express the depth of my gratitude. The mandala was absolutely extraordinary! Blessed are we, to have the opportunity to dive into the sacred in such a way. I can feel the changes occuring on all levels... and continue to observe and integrate within the moment. Thank you for being the clear channel that you are, and sharing the sacred wisdom that flows through you."
"The whole process was wondrously powerful, particularly as it took me down a healing route I have not taken before. Far more is unwinding than I was initially aware of when I returned home. Thank you again for the privilege of working with you, and for the fun. As they say in the movies: 'I'll be back!'"
"Thank you for a wonderful, enlightening, uplifting , enjoyable week. I feel much stronger physically and clearer mentally, I feel I have strength for the next steps and some idea which way to go."
"The work was profound and energising – also afterwards. To have experienced the rising of the mind up When I arrived I had no idea what to expect regarding the mandala, and it was a joyful experience to be part of it, and to gradually discover how it was developing and on so many levels. What particularly remains with me is how in life and in death everything is constantly turning, changing, evolving to a joyous end, and that everybody counts and has their place. I found the fire ceremony very moving, and it's good to know what happened as the final ending of the mandala process. During the offerings I made a dedication to my son, and something wonderful has happened for him, so that's really amazing. It's wonderful work that you're doing, and thanks again, I hope to see you again before too long.- Kay and beyond...I have no words to describe that experience...there are times when words are not necessary, this was one of those times. I thank you so very much for sharing your gifts and teachings."
"When I arrived I had no idea what to expect regarding the mandala, and it was a joyful experience to be part of it, and to gradually discover how it was developing and on so many levels. What particularly remains with me is how in life and in death everything is constantly turning, changing, evolving to a joyous end, and that everybody counts and has their place. I found the fire ceremony very moving, and it's good to know what happened as the final ending of the mandala process. During the offerings I made a dedication to my son, and something wonderful has happened for him, so that's really amazing. It's wonderful work that you're doing, and thanks again, I hope to see you again before too long."
"It was a wonderful week, with wonderful people. The mandala is amazing! Thank you and all your helpers for everything."
"Already, since the end of the workshop, I feel different. My relationship to my body has changed and I see a new horizon in my relationship to women too. So much is shifting before my very eyes."
"I would like to thank you deeply. I was moved on another level of my own existence at this last workshop, with a particular feeling of reunion. ...A special feeling of having found"my" family. I mean that very group. the work was done on a non verbal level, and I couldn't tell you how... but I know something important and special happened in there. I finally got it! You are one of those special people who have learnt the teachings from Tibet to pass the relay around on the western world. And I'm glad I'm part of that, fulfilling the prophecy. Personally, as an engineer (my original training), I've found the fractal geometry of the mandala exquisite, and I surely understood and felt the powerful vortex we were creating there. Concerning the practice, it was at the same time new (huh?!) and so familiar (ah!!). I would say I got the essence of it all, with of course, lots of things to still understand , digest and integrate. For a work on release and renunciation it was a perfect explosion of the senses, and we had it all, colours, energies, sounds, movements, tears, laughter. I felt the communion of the group."
"We are blessed to have been in the magical space we all created in the mandala. Thank you for doing this amazing work."
"My gratitude grows stronger for the work you do as I continue doing the Mandalas."
"I am in awe of the structure of the mandala, and I see many. many different layers, material being brought to the outside, made visible, other things 'wirken' (having a movement or effect) inwards and on so many different levels. I am sure what I am grasping consciously here is only a tiny fraction and I am also sure, that we are actually working on a cellular level with all the movement and sound and at the same time on a cosmic level. So thank you very much for creating and actually executing the mandalas and making it possible for us to be part of it."
"Brilliant – an awesome week. Bless you for ceremonially chiefing the gathering – those present seen and unseen; all welcomed. I am so glad I stepped into the magical space you created. Yes – to all those descriptive superlatives and I raise a glass of purity to the spiritual family, for it seems we begin to know ourselves and each other in a way of love and co-creation, opening the doors to dust the attics and expand acceptance of that which needs to be touched – to look at the unmentionable, to speak the unspeakable, and for all to be with this, in the womb of new beginnings. And in the centre of it all you are there – to allow, encourage, to be ruthlessly and smilingly honest as the nurturing universe, attending to each speck of detail and dancing in the muses with the laughter of light."
"I have no words to be able to express my love to you for this marvellous, magical time you provided me with. I only attempt to say that I loved every minute of this mandala, I enjoyed every second spent with people being absolutely sure that each and everyone is a divine being and that we are all blessed with this opportunity to participate in a ceremony which is a quest for the most intimate understanding of nature. This mandala, in just a few insights, led me to much deeper understanding of where I am in life. A new sense of clarity is very present."
"I felt a deep sense of connection with the community during the week. It really opened my eyes to a need I had not connected with before. This feeling of being part of something much larger than myself, of being held within a mandala of community, was deeply wonderful to my soul."
"I felt filled with love and gratitude for the other members of the group, and I feel it was really amazing how much everyone was able to support each other...to experience such a thing in 21st century London is remarkable indeed! Probably the most significant benefit was the stronger connection that I now feel with the past and wider morphic fields and having a real sense of them, and the importance honouring them. Honouring one's ancestors, the earth, the seasons, the directions...these things seem to me now much more REAL. Also, of course, my voice feels much stronger, clearer, more resonant, deeper. On a social and intellectual level, I always enjoy being in the environment that is created around you, and feel very at home."
"Had I known from the start what I had let myself in for I may well not have signed up! I would then have missed one of the best weeks in my life and stayed entrenched in my fears, stuck in my own web. I feel very different and I feel a sense of lightnesss and achievement, a veil has lifted. It was all so beautifully organised. You kept my attention throughout and the way you teach is a way that I can absorb the information and I really feel that I have learnt so much, effortlessly and all laced with your fab sense of humour. It is wonderful to be amongst so many people on a similar path. I loved the discipline of the ritual everyday, safe and womb like, turning, colourful, pushing limits in a safe environment and how my mind was in a very different state to the everyday mode and extraordinary to stand there and feel completely safe staring at pure love. It was so wonderful to meet you and thank you so very much for a truly memorable and transforming time."
"Methinks you know very well what you are doing – and perhaps, that you discover more of the task each time you do it. This last mandala was, as the Americans like to say, a blast!"
"How glad I am that at last I have"found" you!"
"It was a wonderful healing week, I came into the week with some major concepts, it was inspiring for me to watch them mutate and dissolve."
"The experience was utterly wonderful – both ecstatic and utterly tranquil. For me more powerful than the previous two, but I suspect they are cumulative in their effects. Certainly there was a very direct continuity between the autumn mandala last year and this. The fire ceremony after was a thing of great beauty and simplicity, yet also a deepening and a condensation of what we had been practising all week: a further teaching, in fact. Everything was drawn back into the centre and dissolved into its essence. And the dry leaves on the London plane tree above detached themselves from the branches with perfect timing and rustled down upon us as if representing the cyclical, mortal nature of us all. I closed my eyes and I swear that for the briefest flash, I saw the little bright fire at the centre replaced by a vast diamond, of perfect clarity, as big as the circle or maybe even bigger. Rays of light streaming out in all directions: pure translucency.. Since then, I've been floating around, feeling light as a feather, and with a head full of light. Some heavy analytical work I thought I was going to have to do today had conveniently dematerialised, so I've been able to stay that in the pure mandala space for a little longer. So yes – most excellent workings, dearest Jill. It improves every time. I love your perfectionism and organisation. My polishing is as nothing compared to yours. The true child of your parents, you seem to be, on both sides. You are an artist, along with the many other emotional and spiritual benefits you bring through your healing work. Bless you, always,"
"I was very moved by the way that the young people were the last to go through the mandala, carrying it forward to the future. And Saturday's ceremony too; very gentle and peaceful, a beautiful ending. I feel the mandala has resolved issues I was carrying with me from the past, put things to rest, and I am left with very beautiful teachings about no separation between ourselves and another, no place for judgment."
"I am still reeling....savouring the spinning, the awesome synchronicity, the sounds and the silence. My conscious mind has been wanting to recount the story in words but could not find a place to start. Whenever I thought 'I can start here' I realised that it started much earlier.....There were so many insights, so much glorious synchronicity, that I could not fail to recognise it, and this time I am SURE I shall remember. Living in the mandala for so many days and in such a concentrated way (concentrated/focused attention and concentrated/strong/rich) has surely registered deeply both with me/here.....and everywhere. There is so much teaching within the mandala that I believe it will keep my mind busy for ever and help me to reach the place of stillness. I became very aware of the Gestalt ground/field concept: my own perspective suddenly being flipped into that of the whole, and into other perspectives, and back to the whole. This was very significant to me in terms of really living the part/whole, here/everywhere truth. It also made me realise that I don't need to innumerate the coincidences and MY significant moments.....they happened.....it happened for all of us.....it happened."
"That week was out of this world for me, something so unique, so dear and special I find hard to express. I left the place with a subtle, delicate and physical throbbing under my skull. First of all I would like to thank you Jill for providing me with a space in which I could catch glimpses of my own self, and a field in which I could express myself by saying things difficult to say otherwise. I am amazed at the phenomenon of Mandala! I felt my body mind and spirit where well integrated as if they three were always close together. They did not disturb one another. As the Mandala was unfolding hour by hour I felt more involved, more aware of what was going on and definitely freer. The Mandala also left me with some questions and puzzles regarding what life is and what we humans are in it. I find still chanting very present. The force with which we sounded one of the chants... There is much more I would like to share with you about tears of compassion, newly discovered mental exercise and subtle relationships discovered."
"This year it was all more powerful and extraordinary than last year – so I cannot express my gratitude in words. The fire ceremony afterwards was literally out of this world."
"Thank you so much for another extraordinary week!. I am always amazed at your tremendous insight and creativity , I just love this work.....it appears to be a fabulous work of art. An oil painting, that we are all creating, layer upon layer of brushs tokes, oil, weaving, turning, colour, light and sound ....so powerful."
"We both found the week amazing, inspiring and great fun."
"I am in love with life and wanting to sing and dance, I have become more vocal at home, and more grounded and clear. I am a fighter again! I had a great time and a week I can never forget. Your magic touch was ever-present and your chanting unforgettable. Thank you thank you thank you Love love love"
"What a wonderful week thank you. I just loved it all and feel truly blessed that I was there with everyone."
"Thank you thank you, I have so many emotions going through, I just don't have words for the wonderful thing you have done for me. What a great clearing of something I had no concept of at all, not just the family of this lifetime.- With much love."
"Thank you for another wonderful week of magic and insight, connection and celebration. I haven't yet found the right words to sum up this gentler, more subtle mandala, I do indeed feel changed."
"Jill, you are very special indeed and I appreciate you and your work very much indeed. I am so pleased you came into my life."
"I feel renovated inside and ready for my future moves. Thank you for your wonderful work with us."
"During the week I really felt myself open up to the larger forces of the universe and I really don't want to lose that connection. I don't want to forget, but want to seize the opportunity to create a more lasting, stable gateway into the divine."
"What a fantastic week! Thank you so much. I enjoyed it so so much and feel forever changed."
"I learned so much over that week, I found that it was a consolidation and resolution on some major issues I had been trying to get clear insight on, and an opening up to things that I had not been so aware of previously. The proof of the pudding being in the eating, you could literally see the results in peoples faces. How to unify and harmonise with sound. Amazing! I have hardly ever felt the level of unity with others and surroundings, quieting the chattering judgmental mind – and all through this powerful chant! I find this tremendously powerful, and I now (barely audibly) chant my way around London – and it feels so much better! I found the whole thing really connected me more to my heart and my joy in a real way, and that is what I am trying to integrate fully into my life now. Thank you so much Jill for a wonderful and life-changing course."
"The course was, as always, amazing. I feel so very privileged to have met you and had the wonderful experience and gift of attending your healing workshops. Truly life changing in such a strong positive way. I feel truly blessed."
"Thank you – I still feel so great, like I am carrying an oasis of excited calm inside me. I feel very inspired about this quest to integrate soul and campaigning."

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