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20240607 2024 July 6-7 ONLINE Healing Voice Workshop Register external.png
20240915 2024 Sept 13-15 ONLINE Family Constellation Workshop Register external.png
20241108 2024 November 2-8 In-Person, Non-res United Kingdom London, UK Family Constellations Samhain Week Register external.png
20240731 2024 July 26 - 31 In-Person Canada Hollyhock, Canada Family Constellations 5 Day Register external.png

Liberation Through the Ecstasy of Chant

Learn the ethereal and meditative sounds of ancient Mongolian overtone chanting. It's one of the most powerful and versatile methods of sound healing or healing with the voice, combining transformative breath, mantra, sound meditation, sacred sound, shamanic chant and sonorous dream work. Similar vocal techniques are used in Tibetan Buddhist chant, Inuit throat singing in Canada, Rekuhkara from the Ainu of Japan, and Canto a tenore from Sardinia, Italy.

By modulating your breath and the shape of your mouth, a single continuous note can bring out high, bell-like tones which float above, harmonizing with the base note. These overtones are the component parts of the fundamental note being chanted, and are normally inaudible. With throat singing these overtones become louder than the note itself. It's a powerful experience just listening to it, producing a state of calm and clarity.

There is a pervasive sense of disenchantment in the world today. I think this is quite literally disenchantment — the complete lack of a role for chant in our modern lives. All the situations in which members of traditional cultures came together to chant have been eroded away, leaving us disempowered and helpless in a desacralized world. My aim is to re-enchant the world, to make it more magical through people chanting together again. Healing voice workshops give us the rare opportunity to directly experience what life is like in a community that is literally enchanted.

When we use our voices in this way, we literally vibrate our brains and bodies, experiencing a form of vocal healing and purification... bringing dissonant parts of our physical, emotional, mental, or social makeup back into resonance. We cleanse and tune the chakras, learning sonorous massage, truly healing with sound, to safely set free redundant or outmoded parts of our selves.

Working with the healing voice in this way empowers our lives. Chanting directly stimulates the release of endorphins, giving rise to states of enhanced awareness, blissful calm, and other deep meditative states. Unlocking the voice balances the mind and body, bringing physical health, emotional joy and spiritual ecstasy.

  • Harmonic overtone singing
  • Transformative breathing
  • Vocal meditation and purification
  • Mantra, vocal yoga, and dream work

People of all ages and backgrounds come together for these workshops. I have people from eleven to ninety... from professional musicians, singers, voice experts and therapists who want to extend their work... to those who theoretically can't sing in tune. The voice work also benefits people who want to work on emotional or physical blocks. People often report miraculous healing experiences: chronic pain may suddenly vanish, long held emotional burdens can lift. Others report feeling more confident and powerful. Overtone chanting can even facilitate visionary experiences.

Underlying all my work is the premise that the voice is the key to spiritual transformation. Because the sound of the voice is directly linked through the breath to the activities of the mind, through working with the voice we learn to enter the state the Tibetans call ‘rigpa’, the awareness which combines emptiness with clarity. This leads ultimately to illumination.

My two albums – Overtone Chanting Meditations and The Healing Voice – are now available for download. These include both solo and group overtone chanting. I still have a few physical CDs and cassette tapes as well, which you can order by calling or emailing me.

Healing Voice Workshop

Livestreaming Online, Liberation Through the Ecstasy of Chant
July 6-7, Weekend

Details & Registration

The workshop is comprised of 2 sessions

  • Saturday July 6th 5.30pm UK time (5 hours with a break) (9.30am PDT, 12.30pm EDT, 18.30pm WDT)
  • Sunday July 7th 5.30pm UK time (5 hours with a break) (9.30am PDT, 12.30pm EDT, 18.30pm WDT)

Price: £164 Pounds sterling: Approx. €191, $207, CAD $280 (exchange rates fluctuate)

Call or email me to book or book with TicketTaylor.
from UK 0207 435 2467
from North America 01144 207 435 2467
from everywhere else +44 207 435 2467

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