Articles By Jill

Jill on the cover of Resurgence, 1986

Chant to Change Your Life by Jill Purce
Daily Mail, 1996

Sound in Mind and Body by Jill Purce
Resurgence Issue 115, Mar-Apr 1986, Editor: Satish Kumar, Ford House, Hartland, Nr Bideford, Devon, UK
In Dutch: De Heilende Kracht van Geluid, Bres, No. 120, Oct-Nov 1986, Singel 376, 1016 AH, Amsterdam, Holland
In Portuguese: A magio do Som, Planeta No. 128, July 1987, Sao Paulo, Brazil
In German: Klang in Korper und Geist, Tattva Viveka Darmstadt, May 1999
In Norwegian : Lyd er en bro mellomand og materie, Nett Verk Nytt, 2 April 1994, Normannsgt. 47 D, 0655 Oslo, Norway

The Healing Voice by Jill Purce
Retreat, Editor: Roger Housden, Harper & Row, 1995
In Spanish: La Voz Curativa

Einstimmen (Re-Enchanting Our Lives) by Jill Purce
Die Welt braucht Stimmen, Harmonie und Resonanz. Der Zeit Punkt, 1/1992

Articles About Jill

Beyond Words
by Phil Catalfo, New Age Journal, Boston, USA, December 1991

The Healing Power of Living Mandalas (PDF)
Ann Napier Discovers the Magical Work of Jill Purce, Cygnus Review, June 2012

More Articles by Jill

The Spiral in Art; Aspirations Towards Eternity
The Structurist No. 11, 1971, Editor: Eli Bornstein, Univ. of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada

The Spiral in The Music of Karlheinz Stockhausen
Main Currents in Modern Thought, Vol.30, No.1, Sept-Oct 1973, Editor: Henri Margenau. 12 Church St, New Rochelle, NY 10805, USA.
In French : La Spirale dans la Musique de Stockhausen Musique en Jeu, Forum de Musique Contemporaine 1, Editions du Seuil 15, Sept 1974, Paris

Stockhausen's Musical Notation
From catalogue for the exhibition: The Printed Scores of Karlheinz Stockhausen and John Cage. Middlesborough Museum, 1973, Middlesborough Recreation & Amenities Dept., PO Box 69, Zetland House, Zetland Rd, Middlesborough, Cleveland, UK

Creative Tension
In Japanese: Objet Magazine, YU. 5 1981, Kowsakusha + Forum International, Tokyo, Japan
In Dutch: Creatieve Spanning, Bres, No. 116, Feb- Mar 1986, Singel 376, 1016 AH, Amsterdam, Holland

Anxiety, Time & Sound Meditation
In About Time. Editor: Mike Dibb.Jonathan Cape, 1985, London UK. ( Based on the BBC Channel 4 TV series.)

Harmonics of Mind and Body
International Synergy Journal, No. 2, 1986, Editor: David Dunn. 8320 Melrose, Suite 103, Los Angeles, CA 90069, USA

Healing Resonance
Re Vision, Journal of Consciousness and Change, Special Issue: The Resonating Universe, vol. 10, No. 1, Summer 1987, Editor: Ralph Metzner, 400 Albemarle Street NW, Washington DC 20016, USA

Jill Purce, Sound & Vision
Magical Blend Magazine, No.20, Aug-Sept-Oct 1988, PO Box 11303, San Francisco, CA 94101, USA

The Sound of Enlightenment
Resurgence, March/April 1990, Editor: Satish Kumar, Ford House, Hartland, Nr Bideford, Devon, UK

The Power of Sound
Global Link Up, April-May 1991

Sound in Mind and Body
Music: Physician for Times to Come, Ed Don Campbell, Quest Bks, Chicago. USA 1991

Being In Tune
Resurgence, Nov/Dec 1991, Editor: Satish Kumar

Re-enchanting our Lives
The Way Ahead, edited by Eddie and Debbie Shapiro, 1992

The Power of Chant
The Unexplained, Orbis, November 1992

The Healing Voice
Sound Healers Association International Directory & Resource Guide, 1995

Voice Therapy
The Alternative & Complementary Health Compendium, 1996

The Healing Voice
Open Ear, vol. 3, 1996 (as in Retreat)

Finding Our Communal Voice
Voices From The Heart, Editors: Eddie & Debbie Shapiro, 1998

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