The Healing Voice

Learn ancient Mongolian overtone chanting, a magical meditative vocal technique. Explore the healing and transformative power of your voice, vocal yogas, purifications, mantra and sacred chants.

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Living Mandala Ceremony

The Healing Voice week intensive includes Jill's Living Mandala ceremony, her unique psychological process embedded in sonorous and deep spiritual practice.

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Healing Family & Ancestors: Family Constellations

Find the keys that set yourself, your family, and future generations free; transform clamorous ancestors into benign allies and powerful guides.

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Sample Overtone Chanting

Overtone Chanting Meditations

8 tracks, running time ~1hr
With a 10 min interview

"Jill Purce's chanting will help you discover the magical and mysterious in you. Through these chants you will encounter your sacred self and your life will be changed forever"
— Deepak Chopra

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The Healing Voice, a Lecture and Meditation

3 tracks, lecture, overtone chanting, guided meditation, running time ~1hr

Vocal teacher Jill Purce gave an inspiring and moving lecture to over a thousand people in Prague on Midsummer's Day.

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Why Working Online Works (5:26)

London, June 2022.

German composer Karlheinz Stockhausen on Jill Purce (1:16)

Between 1971 and 1974 Jill lived and worked in Germany with the composer Karlheinz Stockhausen. In this clip, he describes Jill as a "special messenger" regarding her work with spirals and healing sound. Filmed in Donaueschingen, 1974.

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Ancestral Healing Summit, Jan 2023 (30:47)

A talk for the 2023 Shift Summit.

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Sacred Geometry Academy, Oct 2022 (1:11:50)

A talk with Geoff Fitzpatrick and Scott Onstott.

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Shamanism, Sep 2022 (46:23)

A talk with Dr Marie Mbouni for The Shamanic Wisdom Summit.

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Healing the Family and Ancestors, Sep 2021 (17:32)

Jill’s talk to the Scientific and Medical Network on healing ancestral patterns through family constellations.

About the Mandala Ceremony

Living and Sonorous Mandala Ceremony (9:05)

London, May 2019.

The Healing Power of the Voice

The Healing Power of the Voice (12:11)

London, May 2019.

Ancestral Healing Work

Ancestral Healing Work (4:03)

London, May 2019.

The Family and Ancestral Field

The Family and Ancestral Field (2:46)

London, May 2019.

The practice of conscious dying

The Practice of Conscious Dying (4:23)

London, May 2019.

The Importance of Ceremony

The Importance of Ceremony (4:35)

London, May 2019.

Inheriting Family Patterns

Inheriting Family Patterns (3:05)

London, May 2019.

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The Healing Voice, Sep 2017 (1:42:58)

An experiential lecture given at an Advaya & 42 Acres event, London.

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Soul Share, Oct 2020 (1:04:19)

A talk with Brandon Beachum, of the Positive Head Podcast.

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The Power of Sound for Transformation, Sep 2020 (43:29)

A talk with Laurie Seymour of the Wisdom Talk Podcast.

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Family Constellations, Aug 2020 (57:20)

A talk with John Acosta of the ZuluOne Podcast.

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Interview & Live Q&A, July 2020 (37:57)

Jill Purce interviewed for The Way of the Psychonaut.

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The Light Conversations, May 2020 (37:57)

Interview by Giada del Drago of The Light Conversations podcast.

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Medicine Path Podcast, July 2019 (1:09:24)

Jill talks with Brian James, host of the Medicine Path Podcast.

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VOCE Dialogue, April 2019 (35:53)

Jill talks with Chloë Goodchild, international singer, author and founder of The Naked Voice.

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Chitheads Interview, April 2019 (1:05:40)

Chitheads is an Embodied Philosophy podcast, offering interviews with leaders and teachers from the yoga and wider wisdom community.

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Healing Voice Mandala Ceremony, May 2016 (49:25)

Jill Purce talks to Dr Guy Hayward about her pioneering Healing Voice Mandala process. In this, the group itself becomes a mandala incorporating multiple and deep layers of symbolism in relation to the structure of consciousness according to the Tibetan understanding of the mind. Jill does these ceremonies twice a year, each with a different theme, process and practice. The group spends 5 days journeying through the mandala of extended practice and deep psychological explorations.

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Healing our Families and Ancestors, April 2016 (46:23)

Jill Purce talks to Dr Guy Hayward about her Healing Family and Ancestors Workshops, describing how she combines chant and family constellations. She discusses the role of the ancestors and how by enlisting them as allies we can transform our lives and those of our families and children.


Gary S Bobroff interviews Jill, part 1 (18:09)

Part 1 of an interview with Jill on her Healing Family and Ancestor and Healing Voice work. Filmed at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, CA USA, with Cynthia Cavalli and Gary S. Bobroff, 10th September 2015.


Gary S Bobroff interviews Jill, part 2 (8:15)

Part 2 of the September 2015 interview, talking about her Mandala ceremonies and including a story of synchronicity during her bethrothal to Rupert Sheldrake at an ancient Welsh church in 1985 (which she has never shared publicly before!)


Deepak Chopra interviews Jill about her sound work, May 2014 (18:52)

Jill and Deepak discuss many of the miraculous effects of sound, including the creativity of sound, mantra, resonance and overtone chanting (which Jill demonstrates). They talk about the healing and transformative effects of the voice, and the magical, liberating and healing effects of Jill's Healing Voice work.

Jill Purce in conversation and chanting with Terence McKenna (2:57)

Jill speaks with Terence about overtone chanting and then provides a demonstration, within a wonderful renaissance rotunda.


About Green Tara & Living Mandala Ceremony (6:57)

An introduction to the healing voice week intensive and mandala ceremony. Recorded in London, March, 2019.


The Power of Sound (3:59)

An excerpt from Gaia TV interview with Regina Meredith. The full interview from October, 2018 is available to Gaia subscribers.


About Jill Purce
May 2018

Jill Purce pioneered the international sound healing movement through her rediscovery of ancient vocal techniques, the teaching of overtone chanting, the power of group chant, and the spiritual potential of the voice as a magical instrument for healing and meditation. She pioneered the practice of honouring and healing ancestral traumas with her Healing Family and Ancestor work and her Resonant Family Constellations, and activated the mandala as living practice with her extended Mandala ceremonies. Her 1974 book The Mystic Spiral, Journey of the Soul  was a seminal influence. The Bishop of California describes her contribution to the 1990’s installation of the labyrinths in his Grace Cathedral, San Francisco: "She helped inspire the birth of the modern labyrinth movement. Jill’s groundbreaking work with the labyrinth was inspiring, informative and important…it couldn’t have been done without her work.”

The Mystic Spiral: Journey of the Soul

The Mystic Spiral book cover

The spiral is a natural form of growth, and has become, in every culture and every age, humanity's symbol of the progress of the soul towards eternal life. As the inward winding labyrinth, it constitutes the hero's journey to the still centre where the secret of life is found. As the spherical vortex, spiralling through its own centre, it combines the inward and outward directions of movement.

In this original and engrossing book, Jill Purce traces the significance of one of our central symbols from the double spirals of the Chinese Yin Yang symbol to the whorls of Celtic crosses, Maori tattoos and the Islamic arabesque. Many of the superb images here were intended as objects of contemplation; for the spiral is a cosmic symbol.

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"Jill helped inspire Lauren Artress, the person who birthed the modern labyrinth movement. Jill's groundbreaking work with the labyrinth was inspiring and informative to Lauren, and important... it couldn't have been done without Jill's work."
- Marc Andrus, Episcopal Bishop of California


Healing Patterns From the Past

The past may be another country, but it's a place that can cause extreme suffering for people living in the present. Not just through historical causality or learned behaviours. Jill Purce, pioneer of the sound healing movement, has developed an approach to healing based on the understanding that unresolved ancestral patterns are transmitted transgenerationally.

For Purce there has never been a clear-cut line between science and spirituality. In her powerful voice work, she draws on acoustic research as much as ancient traditions of chant. More than 20 years ago she found a new focus for her interest in healing — the continuing effect of ancestral patterns on the living, and how these could be transformed. Now science seems to be catching up with her. Many recent findings, including those on the children of Holocaust survivors, suggest that the effects of severe trauma can be inherited epigenetically through the turning on and off of genes in a away that is not yet understood.

Chant to Change Your Life

I am not modest — I am trying to re-enchant the world and make it magical again through chanting. I want to reintroduce the extraordinary power of group chanting into our daily lives.

Chanting and singing bring joy and ecstasy back into our lives, by allowing us to acknowledge and become part of a power and dimension beyond our own — to praise and participate with the divine. It can also improve our health by reducing stress levels. Humming as we meditate can stop our mind wandering on to past problems and future fears.

Sound in Mind & Body

My particular interest in sound probably came to me in the womb, because my mother was a pianist and my father was a doctor. It is the healing and transformative power of sound that interests me most.

My work with sound started in the late '60's when I saw a film of the work of a man called Hans Jenny, a Swiss engineer and doctor who was influenced by the work of Rudolph Steiner. He was showing the effect of sound on matter. He had made it his life work to demonstrate what happens when you vibrate matter with sound in a variety of ways, and used all kinds of different substances...

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